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Policies, Expectations, and Legal

-This Page is under Construction-

Alpaca Barber requests that each farm have an owner or representative present during shearing and each farm should have 1 or 2 able-bodied helpers available for animal handling and more.

We will not ask you questions regarding health status as there are laws to protect this very personal information and ask for the same courtesy in return. We are not able to use or wear face masks for our own personal health reasons. We feel the risks of contracting and spreading the virus are low in typical circumstances encountered during shearing (open air or barns, minimal close contact to members outside the team, etc.). If you feel the need to wear a mask, please do, but we will not require this.

Payment is due at time of services rendered unless previous arrangements are made. Cash or Checks accepted. $30 fee for NSF checks. 

Confirmed Appointments that are canceled with less than a 7-day notice will be charged a minimum of 50% of the current farm call rate. 48 hours or less notice will be charged the full farm-call. We are unlikely to be able to fill gaps created in the schedule by last minute cancellations as we plan our routes very carefully months in advance for the limited work season. We know emergencies can arise, so please contact us with as much possible advance notice if you must cancel! We cannot not guarantee being able to reschedule cancelled appointments! 

Alpaca Barber nor its owners or partners will be held responsible financially or by any other means for accidents or injuries related to any shearing activities. We will always strive to provide a safe experience for the people and animals involved. Sometimes animals get spooked and their behavior becomes unpredictable and injuries or nicks may occur, it is unreasonable to expect otherwise. We generally carry a basic first aide kit with us for minor cuts and issues. It is in our experience since Alpaca Barber began that accidents and injuries are very RARE, however we as a business and the individuals involved will not be held responsible as stated above.

By scheduling an appointment with us, we assume you have read, understand, and accept these terms.

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